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The Sum Of All My Sins
Gary Myrick Marshall Amps


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After replacing Stevie Ray Vaughan in the Austin band, Krackerjack, Gary eventually made his way to Los Angeles and burst on the L.A. music scene with his classic, “She Talks in Stereo” with Gary Myrick and the Figures.  His video for “Live at the Ritz in New York” received one million likes on YouTube and he went on to be nominated for best video of his song “Guitar Talk, Love and Drums”, on the MTV Video Music Awards.

While he has recorded ten solo albums, performed on Late Night with David Letterman and worked on soundtracks in film and television, Gary’s latest approach to recording is the EP “The Sum of All My Sins” produced by legendary producer Robert Margouleff (Stevie Wonder “Inner Visions,” “Talking Book,” “Superstition,” and Devo’s classic “Whip It”).  The EP contains hard and soulful renditions of “Gloria,” “I’m a Man,” “Death Letter,” and his own “Ode to Robert Johnson.”

Gary Myrick Marshall Amps


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Join me on a journey you won't soon forget. Turn up the volume and embark on a soul searching adventure.

Gary Myrick performing on guitar
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