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Gary Myrick's journey as a musician began in the honky-tonks of Texas, where he first melded his rock roots with blues influences. Relocating to Los Angeles in the late 1970s, he formed Gary Myrick & The Figures, quickly becoming a staple in the burgeoning new wave scene with their debut hit, "She Talks in Stereo". The track not only showcased Gary's innovative guitar riffs but also highlighted his compelling vocal style, leading to national acclaim.


Beyond his work with The Figures, Myrick has shown remarkable versatility. His collaborations range from playing guitar on albums by other prominent artists to composing for film and TV, enriching his reputation as a multifaceted musician. Notable soundtrack contributions and guest appearances have further cemented his place in the industry.


Gary's dedication to live performance remains undiminished. Whether headlining international tours or gracing festival stages, his energetic presence and masterful guitar work continue to draw praise. Off stage, Gary's passion for music extends into advocacy for artist rights and music education, reflecting his commitment to the art form and its future talents.


Gary Myrick's enduring influence and ongoing musical journey make him a pivotal figure in the rock and blues scenes, appealing to a broad audience of music lovers and industry professionals alike.



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With the help of legendary producer Robert Margouleff, Gary Myrick is set to release a new project that is sure to be one of the standout releases of the year. Myrick has always been a master of his craft, and this upcoming release promises to be no exception. Stay up to date with his latest projects to be among the first to hear this highly anticipated music.

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